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How to Think Like a Computer Scientist | Next Up

Welcome to NextUP – a new monthly video series highlighting innovation and new ways of thinking at the University of Cincinnati.Ever wonder how everyday technology works? Your phone? Gaming systems? Search?Professor John Gallagher is leading a brand new, unique course (CS-CA1001) designed for students of any major, not just engineering or computer science. This highly engaging, interactive course will give you a greater understanding of how the technology you use every day works.This course is taught through storytelling by connecting the things we see and do in everyday life to the concepts of computer science. From humanities and fine arts to pop culture, this course will demystify the field of computer science and give you insight into how these tools solve issues and create innovative solutions in our daily life.Students can reach out to Professor Gallagher at for more information. ________________________________________________Doctor Strange and Computer Science: Doctor Strange is a Marvel Comics character who, while wielding a powerful, mystical artifact called the Time Stone, is capable of seeing all possible outcomes along all possible timelines.In examining every potential conclusion, he can strategically choose a path or action from those with the highest probability of success. When Doctor Strange runs projections of real-life outcomes, he is modeling— and using that model to plan for futures he might not otherwise see.Computer scientists and computer engineers do this every day—and so do most of us, without even realizing it.

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