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Marian Spencer Scholars | University of Cincinnati

The spirit of Marian Spencer is alive today with the creation of the Marian Spencer Scholarship. The University of Cincinnati is proud to partner with Cincinnati Public Schools to offer the Marian Spencer Scholarship Program, reserved explicitly for CPS students at the top of their senior class.The inaugural cohort of Spencer Scholars started classes fall semester of 2022 and represent 10 CPS high schools. The Marian Spencer Scholarship is transformative; it includes the total cost of attendance, tuition, books, room and board, a study abroad service trip to Tanzania, and all experiential learning and co-op opportunities.However, more importantly, these scholars are enriched with networking and mentorship opportunities with university leaders. They are the new generation of torchbearers, ready and willing to continue fighting for the things Mrs. Spencer held dear, racial and educational equality.This video showcases the inspiring history and tenacity of Marian Spencer and the monumental difference this scholarship program is making in CPS students' lives. A trailblazer and change maker in Cincinnati, the Spencer Scholars, are continuing Mrs. Spencer's legacy of creating change and making a difference in the community.Learn more about the Marian Spencer Scholarship Program:

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