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Cincinnati The City | The College Tour

Learn more about UC: Hertlein is Cincinnati through and through: It’s not only where she was born and raised, but where she went to college and started her career.“My enthusiasm for UC has only grown since I graduated in 2020, so I was thrilled to be able to share that with the film crew and eventually with everyone who watches the show,” Grace says.Grace works at Cincinnati-based consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble as a design manager for fabric softener Downy, alongside some UC alumni, and is even engaged to a fellow Bearcat. So it’s fitting that she spotlights the Queen City in her “College Tour” segment.“The cast and crew for ‘The College Tour’ worked so hard to bring you stunning views of campus and other beautiful places around Cincinnati,” she says. “It's so worth watching, even if you're already a Bearcat.”Learn more:

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