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COVID Check App & Pass Status

COVID Check App & Pass Status

Why is my pass red?

There are several reasons a pass can be red:
  • First, it can be that you answered a question in the UC COVID Check App that you are experiencing COVID-like symptoms.
  • Second, you missed a strategic mitigation testing appointment.
  • Third, you have an open case with the UC COVID Check Response Team (are needing to be in isolation or quarantine and in contact with your Contact Tracer or Case Investigator).
  • Forth, you tested positive after a test through UHS, Wild Health or Test and Protect.

How can I change my pass to green?

Only members of the UC COVID Check Response Team can change your pass to green. The team is notified when a red pass enters the system, and someone will be in contact with you very shortly. If they determine that you are indeed cleared for on-campus activities, they can change the color of your pass. However, if they determine that it is a legitimate red or yellow pass, please follow their next steps to change it to green.

What if I made a mistake filling out the app and I do not have COVID, any known exposures, or symptoms?

Even mistakes and errors in the app can be changed by the UC COVID Check Response Team only. Someone from the team will be in touch with you shortly. If you do not hear from anyone within 12 hours, send an email to

Why do I need to do a daily self-assessment while I am in quarantine or isolation?

This is to help us monitor your symptoms. We want to make sure that they are not worsening and improving. This will help us keep track of and better understand the progression of COVID-19. If your symptoms worsen, the daily health assessment triggers an alert to your Contact Tracer and nursing.

The daily health self-assessment will also help us know when it is a good time to get you in contact with a nurse for a telehealth visit. Think of the daily health assessment as a check-in before an appointment. The daily health assessment was designed to ensure individual and student safety. In other words, we want you to have access to the best health services possible if you are feeling worse.

Am I allowed to go to campus when I have a red pass?

No. Students who have a red pass should stay home and are not allowed to go to campus.

I just finished isolation or quarantine. My App is still red. What should I do?

Please contact your Contact Tracer. The Contact Tracer will be able to give you the appropriate next steps and turn your pass green if applicable.

Do I still need to check in daily via the UC COVID Check App if I am not coming to campus?

No. The only time you need to check in daily with the UC COVID Check App is if you are coming to campus or if you are in quarantine or isolation.