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High School Academic Sucess

Plan your high school classes

Meet with your high school counselor to plan out your high school classes and set a GPA goal

Create Good Study Habits

Creating a schedule to organize how you study will help you prepare for high school and, ultimately, college as well. A study schedule allows you to practice your time management skills. Managing your time will help you plan ahead and prioritize, important skills for your future success.

Tutoring and ACT Prep

Talk with your high school counselor about tutoring and ACT prep. Here are a few additional resources to get you started:

College Academic Success

Meet with an Academic Advisor to Plan for Academic Success

An academic advisor is much like your high school counselor. You will build a relationship with your advisor and they will help you decide what path to take in order to get the education you want and take the classes you need, on time and in the most effective order. You should meet with your academic advisor at least once per semester.

Getting Textbooks

  1. From the Catalyst Student Homepage, select the My Academics Tile then open the Classes and Schedule folder listed on the Navigation Collection
  2. Select View My Schedule. On the right side of the page, select a term to view your Class Schedule. You will be directed to your My Class Schedule page where you will see your registered classes for the identified term.
  3. Select the book icon next to each class to view your textbook requirements.

GPA Calculator

You can track your progress, and set academic goals by using this helpful tool:

Finding the Perfect Major

Students are most successful in college when they pursue a major which requires courses that interest the student and that they do well in. There are many job opportunities for various majors; you can work with your academic advisor to help identify majors and career options!
Start exploring careers at

Take some time to explore the majors and programs offered at UC by navigating to the "Academics" tab on the UC, UC Blue Ash, and UC Clermont websites.

Accessibility Resources

At UC, we are committed every day to providing full and equal access to students, employees and visitors with disabilities. The University is actively engaged in improving the accessibility of our community, in the classroom, in the workplace, on campus, and online.

Accessibility Resources welcomes and assist students that have received academic accommodations in the past through documentation of disability listed in a 504, IEP /ETR, or Doctor’s Evaluation to quickly register for those accommodations in college to ensure their greatest opportunities for success.

Please complete 3 simple steps to request academic accommodations

  1. Upload Documentation of disability (IEP/ETR, 504 or Doctors Evaluation Report) - 5min
  2. Complete online student report 5 min
  3. Schedule an intake meeting by calling one of the respective AR offices - 1 hr

Schedule appts at one of our respective UC locations:
Blue Ash

UC Calendars

Pay close attention to the dates and deadlines calendars. You can find them on the UC website when navigating to the OneStop tab and then calendars.

College Credit Plus (CCP)

You can start earning college credit in high school through the CCP program, as long as you test into college-level courses in math and English. Talk with your high school counselor about applying, and be sure to check the UC CCP Admission criteria and application deadline on the UC website