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This site existed between 2007 and 2010. It has been restored in July, 2014, thanks to the support and efforts of Cyrus "Giant Blue Anteater" Theedishman. The Snaiad project is undergoing extensive revision and expansion for future publication as a book.

- C. M. Kosemen


A new talk by C. M. Kosemen on the making of Snaiad is now up on Youtube. Watch it here.

Snaiad is one of Humanity's first off-world colonies, the jewel in the sky, the realm of the sublime. The hopeful colonists arriving from the war-weary Mediterranean found themselves not in a second Garden of Eden, but an unusual new world they had to understand and adapt in order to survive. Understand it they did, and here is what they found. Enjoy.

Main groups of "vertebrate" animals on Snaiad.

The World
Maps of the planet.

Timelines of natural history and human colonization.

What is this? Your frequently asked questions.

The making of Snaiad.

Your chance for taking part in Snaiad.

A forum where you can discuss and cross-post all things Snaiadi.
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Other world-design projects and influences.

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